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Wedding Date Psychic
Partner1: Name DOB Birth Order
Partner2: Name DOB Birth Order
Wedding Date Psychic
Partner1: Name DOB Birth Order
Partner2: Name DOB Birth Order
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Wedding Date Psychic
luckiest wedding date for over 5,000-years. This old tradition is now availabe to you through Rev Pamela who performs readings for couples who marry all over the world.

The reading begins with Germanic Rune divination and is combined with personality evaluation, astrology and numerology to determine the luckiest date for you and your fiancé to get married. It provides backup dates and explains why. The reading will inform you of lucky signs and fortunate omens based on astronomical activities, such as moon phases, Venus in retrograde and ole wedding traditions.
Lucky wedding date
chosen specifically for you $49
Consider adding Soul Mate Relationship Reading +$20
Soul Mate Relationship Reading $49
Take Control of Your Future
Consider adding Soul Mate Relationship Reading +$20
Psychic Compatability Examination

Knolledge is control over your truth. And you love the person you are about to marry. No question. Soul mates, based on past karmic relationships. But Karma isn't always perfect, and, just because you are with this person - doesn't mean you are not here to learn a lesson - soul mate relationships aren't perftct. This Clairvoyat Guidance Reading will give you insites into personality and reveles the truth about you and your mate. Discover the energies to over come and create perfect love. Us this reading to learn practical steps to transform your current relationship to a place of truth and understanding and create a long term working relationship with your future spouce.

This fun and detailed reading will not only give you insite into your own personality, but also give you a complete personality compatability report based on the couple's birthdates, names of the couple as well as the year, month, day and hour of their birth dates, which is referred to as the Four Pillars of Destiny. I incorporate information on birth order personality traits, a compatibility astrology chart and provide a complete write up which is often five to seven pages long. This report is very informative and will not powder-puff anything. No one else gives you a reading like this. Totally worth it! Add $20 dollars and I will give you the weddinng date reading too - a $20 dollar savings with you buy them both together
Learn About The Wedding Tradition Of A Handfasting HERE
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Choosing an auspicious wedding date
will get you started in the right direction
to ensure a long life of happiness,
harmony and prosperity. So how do
you choose the LUCKIEST wedding date?

Chinese couples have been consulting a
fortune-teller to help them choose the
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